WeChimni - The Flight to Success

WeChimni stands for Women Empowerment. Chimni is representative of the birds- ‘sparrow’ in Marathi. We believe our women beneficiaries- Udyoginis are akin to the birds- they are industrious, take great care in the use of available resources, help each other, like to be independent, and make their surroundings cheerful. Since 2018, GTT Foundation ably supported by RBL Bank has been helping women from the communities to become successful Udyoginis. WeChimni platform is a culmination of our efforts to enable women gain confidence to perfect their offerings through extensive training and mentoring. Whether it’s savoring your taste buds with healthy food resources or helping you achieve a style statement by preserving nature and creating eco-friendly materials like VedVastra, WeChimni products of our Udyoginis echo sustainability.

Your support to Udyoginis and WeChimni is precious and will put them on their flight to success!

Our Ethos

At WeChimni, we believe, with the embodiment of the Chimni (Sparrow), our Udyoginis are synonymous with the bird. We preserve nature by creating healthy homemade organic edibles to pamper your taste buds and a sustainable clothing line- Vedvastra- to cater to your eco-friendly sartorial choices.


WeChimni's sole purpose is to avail our customers of products aimed at preserving nature. We care for the environment as much as you do.


WeChimni believes in going that extra mile to make high-quality yet affordable clothing available to you at your doorstep.

Community Driven

WeChimni provides 100% value of the products back to the community.

Udyoginis – Acquiring Wings to Fly

We @ WeChimni believe that by uplifting one woman we impact one entire household. We bring to you these three stories of Women Empowerment.