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Amrita Manoj Dhumar

Amrita has a passionate and hard-working personality who also has a positive approach to every challenge. She wanted to be self-sufficient hence, started stitching and other handicraft work. Dhumar lives in Mumbai with her husband and daughter. Her husband runs an account consultancy business. She knew stitching beforehand but wasn’t able to earn much profit. Amrita’s customers often complained about the finishing of her work. However, she has improved much in her work and brought perfection through professional training.

Amrita says, “My work wasn’t up to the mark for which I failed to earn profit. But now I am able to earn more than 13000 rupees per month. This wasn’t possible without the training provided by the GTT Foundation.”

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Upcycled Pink Clutch

Sleek and elegant, our pink clutch is assured to round off your outdoor ensemble. This clutch is eco-friendly, sustainable and upcycled from silk fabric. Designed with an efficient single compartment secured with zip closure, this jacquard-patterned clutch is convenient and easy to store necessary items.

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