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Kavita More

Life is unpredictable. You can not see what is all there in your way coming up. My brother met with an accident last year. This incident turned my world upside down. I gave up on everything. I was financially devastated and couldn't find a way to get back any sooner. I was a fashion designer before. I have two children. My husband is a driver. I wanted to give my children everything they deserve but couldn't. Then one of my friends suggested to me an idea of joining a fashion designing training program. It gave me a boost of confidence and I enrolled for the same.

Now I work as a fashion designer. I design bags, sarees, blouses, etc. I love to recycle old clothes and make something awesome out of them. I am aiming to start my own boutique soon. After all this, when I look back, I realize only one thing- Life never stops. It just goes on. And we should make the best out of it.

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Chakali Sticks 100 Gm

This crunchy food item is quite famous in India. It is a delicious and tasty snack that complements one’s tea time. Chakali mostly comes in a round shape but our product is in a form of sticks. These are eaten on a regular basis as well as on special occasions. These are also called jaw breakers for their hard texture. It is a packet of 100-gram Chakali Sticks.

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