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Alisha Qazi

 Alisha Qazi is a resident of Munjaba Vasti where she stays with her family of four members including her husband, mother-in-law and father-in-law. Her husband works as a storekeeper and was the only earner. They stay at a rental house for which Qazi wanted to financially back her husband. However, she encountered obstacles while taking career decisions as she stated that women from Muslim communities are not allowed to go out for jobs and have to do their own business at home.

Qazi has been interested in sewing and stitching following which she ventured into the professional sector of attire designing. She joined the Fashion Design Training program organized by the GTT Foundation and learned stitching and sewing professionally. She has shown sheer courage and confidence despite the approaching social constraints. In a way, Qazi has proved that if your willpower is strong, you can achieve your goals even if there are several challenges. The guidance of the GTT Foundation has helped her to enhance her knowledge of stitching. Currently, she sews different types of blouses perfectly and other clothing items. Starting her small business helped Qazi to earn a profit and ease her financial difficulties.

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