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Rupali Khawale

Rupali Khawale is one of the inspiring Udyognis who has tackled several challenges to follow her passion. She is running a food stall that is helping her family to earn an additional income. Khawale stays with her husband and two kids. The husband runs a vegetable shop which is not enough to earn a living wage for four people. Her health issue was another factor that raised concerns for the financial stability of the family. Nevertheless, she has a characteristic of facing the approaching challenges instead of sitting idle. Khawale hence tried to become financially self-dependent. She joined the Home Chef initiative of the GTT Foundation and received professional-level culinary training. 

According to Rupali, “My family was concerned about my health while joining the Home Chef program but at the same time they supported me to the fullest to attain my passion. I respected their worries and took the training sessions very seriously. There, I learned cooking from the experts who guided me throughout. All the associated people in the program inspired me to positively address my challenges. After finishing the program, I started making food items and selling them. At present, I run a food stall which is conveniently generating a profit. I am able to help my husband in handling the finances as well as take care of myself.”

Rupali Khawale’s entrepreneurial journey not only resulted in her becoming a micro-entrepreneur but also helped her to generate a fair amount for personal treatment. 


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