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Vaishali Lad

Vaishali Lad is working with the GTT Foundation as a trainer in fashion production. She trains the other women trainees in the process of guiding them to become micro-entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, the position isn’t provided to Lad over a night, she encountered several challenges along the way. She stood by her husband in the financially tough times when he lost his job. The fashion trainer has trained several women who have similar passions to her, to become self-sufficient.

Lad says, “The lockdown days were very tough for me and my family as we faced financial breakdown at that time. My husband worked in a workshop that he had to leave in 2020 due to a loss in the business. Though he joined a manufacturing company afterwards, it didn’t help us much from a financial perspective. I wanted to support him but didn’t know how to do it. Then I heard about the women empowerment initiative of the GTT Foundation. I was skilled in stitching and fashion designing hence, I took it as an opportunity and joined the organization. Currently, I am working as a trainer in the GTT Foundation and earning a profit while helping my family in handling finances.”

Vaishali Lad is looking after the fashion production at the GTT Foundation. She has shown her experience in her work by training many women in becoming businesswomen. Lada is not only earning through working but also supporting her family to lead a better livelihood

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