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Supriya Ganesh Kamthe

It is with great pleasure to be allowed to express my gratitude to GTT Foundation and RBL Bank who are responsible for my journey towards success. They made my life happier and more successful.

I was a Pune-based homemaker. I couldn't pursue higher education as I got married early. I have four members in my family. My husband is a painter and my children are small. With all these household responsibilities one thing was left behind. That was my dream to become a self-sufficient businesswoman.

As the days passed, I used to make many recipes but wasn't trained professionally. Then fortunately I got a call from the GTT foundation. They were providing food training through their digital chef initiative. I found it a golden opportunity. I grabbed the chance and enrolled in the program. After completing the program, I am a food expert now. I started making spices, pickles, and snacks and giving them to friends to know the quality. One of my friends liked them a lot and she placed an order for spices. That's how I got my first order. Now I have got the confidence to make the products, market them and sell them. I am a businesswoman now.  I would like to say thank you once more not only for your support but also for being an example to me that I can also help others in the future.

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