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Anita Vighne

It is a great pleasure to be given this opportunity again to thank your kindness for stepping to my rescue by offering me a chance to pursue my studies. I would like to thank the whole committee of the GTT Foundation for making a difference in my life.

Looking at my life struggles to achieve what I want and reach out to the place that I am right now was very difficult. I’m Anita Vighne from Pune. I did my 12th from Pune only. I’m living with my husband and two children. Unfortunately, I couldn't pursue my higher education because of some adverse situations. But, I always had a passion for food and cooking. I used to help my husband financially by designing some clothes. One fine day, I got a call from the GTT Foundation. They were providing free training in food technologies. It was quite challenging for me to do something else amidst all the household responsibilities. With determination, I made a firm decision. I enrolled in the course and learned many things. I felt upskilled and groomed all of a sudden. I got my confidence up and I met with a new me.

I plan to find myself in the entrepreneurial space in two years to come. I want to become a successful businesswoman. To accomplish my dreams I have to love what I’m doing, be persistent even when it is hard and have a good relationship with my customers. I would like to show my gratitude once more to GTT Foundation and RBL bank. Hope God will multiply and bless your kindness to help others.


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