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Archana Pramod Sahu

Education is important for doing greater things in life. But I believe learning attitude is the most important thing to succeed in our desire. We remain students for a lifetime.

I was born and brought up in a rural area of Pune. Because of a lack of facilities and financial instability, I couldn't pursue my higher education. But I was always a learner. I wanted to do fashion design. I got married at an early age. My mother-in-law helped me pursue my fashion design dream. I enrolled in the Lighthouse fashion design course.

Now I am able to design clothes with conviction. They upskilled and guided me, which gave me enormous confidence. Now I am thinking of starting my own fashion boutique. I am on the verge of being an entrepreneur. I am sure the lighthouse will guide me in my future journey, and I will be able to become a successful designer and entrepreneur.


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