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Yasmin Momin

Obstacles knocked on the door of Yasmin Momin frequently but she has always addressed them strongly. She currently resides in Pune, Maharashtra with three of her children. Momin runs an apparel production and training centre in her household of two rooms for livelihood. Things have not always been fruitful for Yasmin’s family as her husband died very young. She recollected all the skills she had and joined the GTT Foundation in its Digital Fashion Design Program. The designer learned and trained many trainees in the organization. She is a true inspiration to several women.

Momin says, “I am not educated and do not have much idea about technicalities of things. Leading a healthy and prosperous life with my family was my ultimate goal. But our life shattered when my husband passed away. I was clueless about what to do to provide a better livelihood for my three kids. I used to stitch before but due to lack of practice, I was sceptical about whether start stitching professionally or not. I then joined GTT Foundation for professional fashion design training. I learned and started producing stitched items. Apart from that, I also gained knowledge about marketing in the program through which I could increase my sales.  Eventually, I was able to establish a production as well as a training centre. Though the centre is small it is built with bigger dreams.”

Yasmin Momin has become a micro-entrepreneur by producing apparel and training other women for the same. She adopts multiple marketing techniques while taking clothes orders like visiting people door-to-door.”

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