Meet Udyogini's

Jyoti Bhise

Jyoti Bhise is a resident of Pune who joined the GTT Foundation as an Udyogni in 2021. She was a working woman before, but she had to leave the job due to family responsibilities. Bhise was an amateur cook but through the food training, she learned to make several food items with proper guidance. The cook eventually started her food business and frequently delivers large orders. Her average monthly income is Rs. 4000 which increases and decreases as per the orders received in a month. Jyoti’s major profit comes through preparing food for almost 60 doctors that she delivers every Wednesday. 

Bhise states, “I stay in a family of five people including my in-laws so, contribute financially in a similar way. But I had to leave working after getting pregnant. After years of fulfilling household responsibilities, I wanted to work again. One of my friends is a food trainer at the GTT Foundation who told me about its food training program. I enrolled in the program and got trained by food experts. After the training completion, I received my first food order. It was for approximately 50-60 doctors in a hospital. Now I deliver food there regularly every Wednesday. I restarted the role of a working woman and with the help of the GTT Foundation I successfully established my small business.”

The family responsibilities might have pulled Bhise back but she came back strong with influential guidance at the GTT Foundation. She has proved that determination toward a goal can help people in achieving it. Jyoti has established her food business and made it successful with willpower.

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