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Vimal Ahire

Vimal Ahire has been one of the efficient beneficiaries of the GTT Foundation. She has shown excellent abilities to gain and implement knowledge in our Home Chef/ Women Livelihood program. Ahire’s journey to success is an inspirational story to many as she has become a productive micro-business holder within a short period of time. Earlier, her husband used to earn only 600 rupees when Ahire’s personal income was just 300. She had to sell dried fish at times to earn additional income. Her first steps toward entrepreneurship were a result of the interest she had in making food. The food maker used to make masalas and chaklis that she often offered to her extended family members as well as neighbours. However, she lacked the motivation to start her self-owned business. She then joined the Women Livelihood Program initiated by the GTT Foundation to attain technical and soft skills in food-making. 

Currently, Ahire has emerged as a micro-entrepreneur who produces and sells different types of masalas and other snack items.  She expresses, “I got to know about the skill development program initiated by the GTT Foundation. I didn’t wait much to take the enrolment decision. Through the training process, I attained the confidence to start my business. At present, I am known as a specialist in masala and chakli among my customers. The success of the food business caused me to provide a better livelihood to my family.”

Ahire’s daughter is presently working in Australia and her son has also been recruited by a renowned Indian company. Gradually, the entrepreneur started taking larger food orders for events and functions to earn extra income.


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