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Poonam Tonde

Poonam Tonde belongs to a poor family where she lives with her husband and two kids. Due to the lack of family support, she couldn’t pursue higher education which restricted her to work in offices. The financial crisis in the family provoked Tonde to identify her skill in snack making especially the Maharashtrian delicacy Chakali. She started a small business of homemade chakali making and joined the GTT Foundation for professional guidance. Poonam is successfully running her snack business moreover she has availed employability opportunities to other women who work under her.

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Mathri 100 Gm

It is one of the authentic food items in India that can be eaten as a snack item. It is the amalgamation of all the flavourful spices that will assuredly enhance your appetite. It is a regular-use snack as well as can be offered to the guests. Add some flavour to your tea and coffee time with our namkeen mathri made with natural ingredients. It is a packet of 100-gram Mathri.

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