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Kavita Bharat Pokale

Kavita Bharat Pokale resides in Wadgaon Sheri, Pune with her family of five members- her mother-in-law, husband, and two kids. Pokale’s husband is a businessman who trades second-hand vehicles. Though she practiced stitching and sewing beforehand yet for personal use only. After joining the Fashion Design Program by the GTT Foundation in collaboration with RBL Bank, Pokale got to learn new patterns and designs for stitching.

Pokale states, “The stitching classes helped me learn easy methods of tailoring work. As I had the primary idea of sewing, understanding the technicalities was easy for me. I stitch 10-12 blouses per month and earn a good amount of profit. I dream of establishing a successful stitching business and I hope it will be fulfilled soon.”

Kavita charge 250 per blouse and produces at least 10 blouses per month. So, she easily earns 2500 rupees every month. She has also received appreciation from her customers for her good finishing in blouses. 

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